Carbon City Zero: A Collaborative Game: Can You Work Together for a Carbon Neutral Future?

PLAY AND LEARN: learn about climate action as you play this new board game for the whole family, working to reduce your city's carbon level before time runs out

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  • HIGH STAKES: work together to build a sustainable city by greening transport, transforming industry and balancing income against reducing carbon. There are multiple routes to follow but collaboration is key - bring together governments, industries and the public - if you can't bring carbon levels to zero before it's too late, we all lose.
  • SOMETHING TO TREASURE: this is a quality product made to last, with bespoke illustration and stylish packaging all printed on FSC materials. Game board measures 20x20 inches and box includes board, cards, counters and dice. For 2-4 players aged 8 and up
  • SCIENTIFIC GROUNDING: Developed by climate science academics at Manchester Metropolitan University and The University of Western Australia in partnership with a specialist game designer and Possible, a climate action organisation
  • CHARITABLE DONATION: the royalties will go towards climate action projects to help create a greener world
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