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Shade-coffee plantations have become crucial habitats for migratory birds traveling to their wintering grounds. In many areas of Central and South America, the highest quality remaining habitat available to migratory birds is on these plantations. These provide the last refuge for birds that have lost their habitat to the destruction of the tropical forests. Coffee, a shade-loving shrub, flourishes under the canopy of diverse tree species. Hummingbirds, swallows, warblers, orioles, tanagers and other migratory birds that breed in North America in the summer find safe haven in the remaining forests of shade-grown coffee plantations in winter.

All of our coffee is certified fair-trade, certified organic and grown in shade conditions. Each single-origin coffee is roasted to bring out its full potential, and all coffee is roasted fresh. By buying coffee that is grown in the shade, you can help protect increasingly scarce habitat for birds. In addition, profits from sales of this coffee will directly support Seattle Audubon’s efforts to protect migratory birds.

Beans roasted by our friends at Grounds for Change in Poulsbo, WA.