Addie and the Amazing Acrobats

Want an adorable Halloween appropriate picture book that's not scary at all? Addie and the Amazing Acrobats is your book! Will Addie choose fame or friendship when she gets invited to join the Big Bat Circus? By Shauna Cagan.

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Addie was born to be a STAR. Just look at her—she loves attention! “Ehem! Can we please continue?” (Of course!) Addie and her best friends, Ben and Jude, are three peas in a pod. Besties since birth! And together, they learn to perform spellbinding moves in the air (check out the spinzarella and the bonkers bug out!), forming a trio called Addie and the Acrobats! They love the crowds, the cheers, and most of all the attention! One night after a spectacular show, Addie receives an invitation to join the Big Bat Circus. “We’ll start packing right away,” says Addie. But when the friends arrive, suitcases packed, there's only room for the star. Only Addie? Addie loves her friends, but she loves the spotlight, too! Will she have to choose? Shauna Cagan’s delightful debut picture book is a story that both entertains and encourages conversation. Fame or friends? Competition or community? Smart and off-beat with delightful illustrations, readers will fall in love with Addie.

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