A-Frame Bee House

Improve the wildlife habitat, health of plants, and fruit production in your yard by attracting mason bees and other pollinators and beneficial insects with this cute mason bee house!  

Quantity: 5
About our Native Bees: 
Our native bees pose very little threat of stinging--only if trapped or squeezed--and are excellent pollinators of fruit trees, almonds, and other fruit-bearing plants like blueberries, raspberries, an strawberries.  Other beneficial insects like ladybugs help reduce plant harming insects like aphids without the need to use harmful insecticides.
Maintaining your Bee House:
Replacement bamboo tubes are available for this bee house and sold separately.  
It's important to replace the tubes in your house each spring to help prevent and minimize disease and parasite problems. To learn more about tunnel nest management for native bees, check out this fact sheet.
Dimensions: 9.00 (W) x 6.25 (D) x 7.70 (H) inches
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